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Men's Plain DriFit Athleisure Shirts

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We know you are always on-the-go, no time to change from one activity to the next. Our athleisure shirts may be plain but they do not sacrifice your style or fashion, it is versatile. Great to either hang out with friends and/or to get an intense workout session in. 

The intricate technology embedded in the shirts allow quick dry, keep moisture away from the body, keep you cool even when your body heat is elevated, all while providing full flexibility enabling you to move comfortably. 

Our purpose is to provide you with a plain shirt to throw on and keep it moving and at a low cost. Our plain shirts have no front or back design, only a small flat laying inside tag logo displaying our brand and the size.


True to size. Not form-fitting tailored for a comfy feel. 


  • Soft, silky, smooth 
  • No front logo, inside logo only
  • Travel friendly-very small can fit into tiny areas or pockets
  • 100% Polyester .Say no to chafing (skin irritation) 
  • Athleisure wear perfect for any reason or season
  • Light weight
  • Great for layering
  • Crew neck line
  • Washer & dryer safe (preferably quick hang dry)
  • Plain design allows your own creativity for your personal 


If you are looking to buy these shirts in bulk please contact us. We do provide the option of removing our inside logo as well.


Yes. Please contact us within thirty days of receiving your order in regards to any issues. 

Juice Ingredients & Care Instructions

Cold Pressed Juices:

Celery Juice (Grow Green) - Celery and Key Lime

Kale Juice (Heavy G) - Kale, Green Apple, & Parsley

Grapefruit Juice (Burst) - Grapefruit, Ginger

Beet Juice (Potent Potion) - Beets, Grapefruit, Carrot, Pineapple, Ginger

Pineapple Juice (Fresh) - Pineapple and Ginger 


Fruit Smoothies:

Mango (Bang-o) - Mango and Ginger

Plenty Fruits (Fruit Salad) - Pink Coconut Water, Strawberry, Pineapple, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Papaya, & Mango


Cold Pressed Shots:

Ginger Shot - 100% fresh ginger



Please be mindful juices, shots, and pops, are highly perishable. You must be available to receive your order to avoid any delays of putting them in the freezer.

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Herb Benefits & Care

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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - Stimulates collagen to rejuvenate hair, skin, and nails, high in potassium for heart health, enhance memory + cognitive ability, aids in weight loss, improves circulation, improves eyesight


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Herb Care:

Store herbs in a cool, dry place for up to 1 year. Keep in a room temperature location, away from sun, cold, heat, and air.


Juice Orders

*All juice orders are shipped out the week AFTER your order is placed (No same week shipping).

* Due to high demand, please allow 5-10 business for your order to be shipped.



Juice Packaging: must be shipped in insulated box to maintain freshness (which is included in pricing).
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Patrick Akande
Top Tier Fashion

The shirts has become a staple within my wardrobe because this creation is a fusion of fashion & fitness with the community in mind. I can't remember getting this much notice from any piece of clothing I've ever worn! Quality material, true to the fit, color remain consistent after every was and each color is lively. Lastly to top it off the packing stands out with the brand labeling and thoughtful goodies that are added. This is Top Tier in every sense of the way!