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Vegan Lip Balm (Peppermint)
Martine Motivates
Lip Magic Addict

I am officially an addict of the Vegan Lip Balm! Alllll my life I have been in battle with keeping my fuller lips perfectly moisturized and glossed and have tried endless products to no avail. I have now purchased this vegan balm 3x already and truth be told…Potent I’m going to need a lifetime supply sis!!! 🙌🏾

Never going back!

I LOVE this stuff! After using balms for years from Burt's Bees, CVS brand, Carmex... All I can say is wow! Where has this been all my life?! In my opinion it makes a world of difference to use something made of earthy ingredients that smells and feels refreshing & healing, instead of putting a chemically band-aid type of solution on your lips. It's so good I had to get one for a friend too. Plus, wonderful & friendly service from the Stay Potent team makes this a 10/10 "will absolutely cop this again" experience! Well done, and thank you!

Butterfly Tea Flower is now my favorite tea.

Wasn't expecting this tea to be so tasty. The flavor is lovely and the color of the tea as it steeps is so gratifying. Getting a clear mug now.

Sports Bra

The material of the bra is of high quality. It's a comfortable fit and provides full support when doing high impact exercises.

5 stars

I’m obsessed because first of all it’s all natural ingredients and I love the way it feels against my lips 👄 … Amazing… they last long and I’m on my 3rd one you did your thing with this one! and her juices and clothing line is fire keep doing your thing I will keep supporting!

Excellent Balm

The BEST lip balm! Goes on smooth, moisturizes, smells great (like cocoa butter and eucalyptus) and made with natural ingredients that won’t harm us. Beautifully crafted in wood. Totally worth the money and makes a great gift!

Black Hoodie (Unisex)
Myleka Barnett
Great quality!

It’s always the quality for me! Never expect anything less when it comes to KillHERcore. I love this hoodie, it’s super comfy and the perfect everyday black hoodie!


I'm now on week 2 with this chapstick and I love it!! Compared to my last chapstick it's larger, softer, and smells so good.

Black Cross Neck Hoody
Jonelle Major

Super fast delivery, and great material. Looking forward to make my next purchase :)

Top Tier Fashion

The shirts has become a staple within my wardrobe because this creation is a fusion of fashion & fitness with the community in mind. I can't remember getting this much notice from any piece of clothing I've ever worn! Quality material, true to the fit, color remain consistent after every was and each color is lively. Lastly to top it off the packing stands out with the brand labeling and thoughtful goodies that are added. This is Top Tier in every sense of the way!

The Best Fanny Pack
Felicia Kennedy
Great quality

Love my products strong quality

Sweater Weather Sweater

One of my most favorite sweaters thus far. It’s a deep black, not faded, fits perfectly and is extremely warm. The quality of it is a solid 10/10. I’m extremely happy with this purchase!

Literally The Best Ever!

Anytime I leave this balm at home, I feel it - so I try to keep it on me at all times. It has a wonderful smell and stays on for a while. Better than anything I’ve ever used. 10/10 would recommend!

Love this seamoss!

Seamoss texture is the best I’ve had so far. Not too jelly like, more like an apple sauce consistency. Taste is good enough to swallow on its own 😵‍💫 even though I’m still not a fan of it lol.

Loved the tea too! Make it and add the seamoss!

I don’t know what u waiting for , hit the purchase link

Best lip balm on the market. The peppermint flavor feeling on the lips immaculate!!

1000000 stars

Don’t worry about the price you would not be disappointed trust me the best lip balm no lie

Wish I could get it a 100000000000000000000%. Never a disappointment best products on the market

Longline High Impact Sports Bra
Safire Dunham
So comfy!!!

This set is so beautifully made and sooooo very comfortable!! It holds you together and also makes you look super cute! The bra keeps the girls where they need to be and the shorts don’t ride or roll up in any weird way. Very breathable material!

Women's Athletic Short Shorts
Alicia Thomas
For the girls with BREAST!

Omg this!

I promise you, this held me up, down and side to side !

Literally stayed secured, you know them jumps that have your **** hitting your chin? THIS IS NOT THAT, literally held me together . I’m super happy !!!!

Women's Athletic Short Shorts
Rosanna A.
Great Quality

My shorts were super soft. The fabric was breathable and light. Love that it has pockets. Not to mention the beautiful pink design - perfect for summer !

Cold Pressed Kale Juice (6 Pack)
Erika Anderson

Writing this review as I am drinking the juice. This juice reminds me of the kale juice from First Watch, which I absolutely love!! So if I could get some type of bundle/subscription discount I would literally consider buying this juice frequently from KillHerCore. It also makes me feel good knowing I can trust the juicing process from a small owned business. You can tell it’s made with love.

Cold Pressed Celery Juice (6 Pack)
Great natural juice

Great natural healthy juice

Mango Smoothie (6 Pack)
Great natural juice

My favorite juice

That material tho!

One thing I love and appreciate is a brand that provides QUALITY products. The sweatshirt was EXTREMELY soft. Not that cheap hard material (yea, I really despise that material) . I also love the branding…From the shipping to opening the package I knew I was getting a “KillHERCore” Product! Bomb!

Comfy & Fashionable

From the material, to the fit, to the design - 5 starts all around. This is my second sweater and KillHERCore never disappoints! This brand is definitely top tier when it comes to making clothing for customers.