Behind The Business + Brand

WELLcome to your Health and Wellness One-Stop-Shop.

Me, Myself, and I, Potent, is the CEO and Founder of killHERcore LLC based in New York. I have found the upmost gratitude in serving communities far, near, and across the globe.

"What is killHERcore ? Why the name?"

I know you were wondering so let's begin there.  It started off as a Fitness business and brand. In 2018, I had a client who always said she wants abs, she wants a flat stomach, so I came up with a routine and said, "I am going to kill HER core." Needless to say, that routine had her core sore for an entire week. Every time after we did any core routines, I called it just that. The name stuck and here we are today.

What inspired you to start this impactful journey?

In 2014 I lost my dad to suicide. It took four years for me to become vocal about my testimony which I documented on YouTube called “A Potent Life After Death” ( ). Since then, I have actively shared my healing and coping methods and I saw the worldwide necessity of Mental Health Awareness Holistically. 

In 2018-2019 I had my own health scare. I had this sharp shooting pain in my chest that Doctors could NOT find the answers to. I went for every test under the sun from MRI, X-ray. CT Scan, Exercise Stress Test, you name it, the Doctors gave it to me to see if we can find the issued. All of the tests came back negative, but all of the Doctors were trying to prescribe me medication for reasons they didn't even know. I stood my ground, I refused to be medicated for no reason. 

I took my health and matters into my own hands. I began to speak to my elders who practice and live by alternative medicine, I began to speak to Health Gurus, Vegans, Clinical Researchers. One day, I was introduced by a client to a water fast. I was instructed to drink water for a certain number of days. I was able to do three days straight of no food, only water. And guess what, the pain I was feeling left and never came back.

This natural healing opened a brand-new door for me that I could not keep to myself. I began to read books about Holistic Remedies, Natural Living, Fruits and Plants that heal. That eye opener compelled me to stop eating meat, stop eating dairy, and I continued to see the improvement in my health physically and mentally. 

In 2018 I formed my entity, initially providing personal and group fitness training to men & women in the community because FITNESS was what helped me fight my depression after my loss. It was a childhood bond that me and my father shared, working out, playing sports, anything that kept us outdoors and active. I continue to show the correlation and effectiveness of Physical health and Mental health, because Health & Fitness literally saved my life. I’m here to let you it can save yours too. 

I am now a Vegan Athlete providing natural ways of healing through nature and fitness, focusing on mind, body, and soul. I am also a Mental Health x Physical Health Activist, and I continue to raise Suicide awareness especially for people of color who suffer in silence.  

 I thank my father, my family, and my own healing journey for the business brand you see here today that is helping healing others all over the world through conversation, community, fitness, fashion, and natural way of living.